The small 3BaysGSA PRO golf training aid has a big boast, claiming that it is the lightest of the portable golf swing analyzers on the market today. Weighing in at a mere 9 grams = 0.03 of an ounce, these ultra light weight golf training aids certainly wouldn’t make much of a difference when added to the end of a club shaft. Read on for a 3Bays GSA PRO review.

Video About The 3BaysGSA PRO Golf Training Aid

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When applied to the end of the shaft grip, data is collected about the swing produced by the user, using motion sensor technology. The data can be viewed immediately on a number of devices such as, our mobile phone, on an Ipad, an Iphone, a smart phone and an android tablet. This makes a huge improvement over the video software that we are using today to see our swing results.

3BaysGSA PRO golf training aid


The light weight sensor will record 10 extremely important parameters of your swing. A massif 10,000 points of data will used to capture the swing information which in turn is sent immediately to your chosen mobile device.

The results can then be compared with other previous swing set ups or that of their coach for example. Consistency of the golf swing can easily be evaluated with the 3BaysGSA PRO and for any club you have in the bag.

One of the greatest benefits I believe that the 3Bays GSA PRO provides is it’s portability, which will allow the golfer to even use it at home in the garden or anywhere space allows a club to be swung. Of course it can be used while playing a round of golf or out on the driving range. Great for honing the golf swing prior to teeing off at the first.

Some first class recommendations have been coming from many of the experienced golfers and coaches out there, not to mention a number of famous golfing professionals from across Europe and throughout the US.

While mentioning golf coaches, the GSA PRO will be the perfect training aid for providing their clients an effective swing improver.

Instructions From The 3BaysGSA Website

Below are some user instructions from 3BaysGSA website to explain the best procedures to download the app etc. All details will be supplied to their customers who purchase the product.

 To start using 3BaysGSA PRO, please download GSA PRO app from App Store of iPhone, iPod and iPad.

In our official 3BaysGSA website, you can have video golf tips from our British PGA consultant, Robert Eastwood. ** Due to the swing speed of different players, the number of data points may vary **

Quick Glance View Of Main Points Of The 3BaysGSA PRO

The Data That Can Be Recorded:

Rhythm of our golf swing:

The arc of the club:

Speed of club head:

Face angle of the club head at impact:

Mobile Devices That Data Can Be Viewed On

Mobile phone



Android tablet

Smart phone

Where the 3BaysGSA PRO golf training aid Can Be Used

Driving range

Golf course

At home

The 3BaysGSA PRO (for iOS) – World’s Lightest Golf Swing Analyzer can be viewed in more detail at this link.



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