This page is all about providing you with lot’s of good golf chipping tips via video and text. This is one shot you will be glad you have to hand, if you need to save par or even make that birdie. You may have hit the ball well enough from the tee on a par 3 hole let’s say, but you’ve left it a bit short of the green with some rough ground between you and the pin. You know it’s a waste of time trying to putt over this rough ground so you need to chip over it and onto the green. But what if you could chip the ball right next to the hole, or better still, into the hole to make birdie.

This same thinking goes for a par 4 or a par 5. Mastering your golf chipping shots will see your handicap tumbling to a more respectable level. First of all let’s get the problem that mixes so many people up, out of the way. That is, what is a chip shot and what is a pitch shot. We will go over, when it’s the best situation to play these individual shots a bit later, in the meantime, let’s just concentrate on the difference.

Chipping the ball will generally be used when you are closer to the green, the ball will not be in the air for very long as it’s more of a chip and run. You will be punching the ball forward with enough lift to clear any rough ground or obstacles in your way, land it on the green to roll up to, or even hit of the pin and drop into the hole.

The pitching shot on the other hand might well be played further from the pin, it will have a higher trajectory and will pull up and stop much quicker than the chip shot. Players with good pitching skills can afford to aim directly for the pin position, obviously taking into account the curvature and run on the green. That being said, the pitching shot could be the obvious choice of shot even though you might well be very close to the green. For example, if your lying behind a bunker and the pin is very close to the bunker, chipping the ball over the bunker, will only see the ball run further away from the hole. In this situation, a pitch shot will again clear the bunker, but will land softer, with little or no run and may even spin backwards towards the hole.

Both shots if played well, can change your game entirely and a big plus is, they don’t require a huge amount of space to practice, how to chip or play the pitch shot. Hopefully the above explanation will also help any chipping vs pitching queries you might have and when is the best time to play which one? Other golf training tips giving more in depth golfing information can be also be found at the above link.

Basic Golf Chipping Tips You Need To Know

In this video Charlie King provides golf chipping tips about how to hit the grass in a consistent manner to provide you with a more accurate chip shot, to play time after time. Basic training though it is, it’s well worth practicing if you want to improve your short game.

He begins with a very brief explanation of the difference between a chip shot and a pitch shot, as I have gone over earlier. He then goes on to show the basic skills required to produce the solid chip shot. Charlie tells us about a story that he likes, from a friend of a friend, that describes the pitch shot very well. Seemingly the friend was asking why they were spending so much time on learning these chipping drills, the very apt reply was “Well if you’re a good chipper, you’ve got par for a partner”. I can see the reason why he thinks it explains this shot so well.

Going on to explain that golf is an impact game and as you should be aware, you should never attempt to try and flick the golf ball up into the air, the club loft will do that for you. You need to have the stance, with the weight on the forward foot, the top of the shaft slightly in front of the ball and hit down on the ball.

Placing two balls in line and practicing the golf chipping shot repeatedly without a ball in place, can build an accurate club to ground contact consistently. Then when you find yourself mastering this exercise, try hitting the ball cleanly.

There is no need to concern yourself as to the trajectory at this stage, as it’s purely a method of hitting the ball every time cleanly and how to chip in golf without topping it etc. Basic yes, but that’s where it all starts as with most golf training.

The Caption Above this Video About Tiger Woods States – The Best Chip Ever!

Thought I should add this video onto the golf chipping tips page, just to demonstrate exactly what a skillful application of the chip shot can accomplish, enjoy.

What do you think? Tiger Woods steps up to play this chip, while the commentator explains the difficulties others have had at this same hole. The problem Tiger faces is that he has a ridge to clear with a downhill slope on the green. He has to get the ball going nearly vertical, (Note the loft of the club). The Tiger dosen’t have a lot of choices of areas to chip the ball onto and let it run to the pin. He obviously has to clear the long grass, but not to much or the ball will run well past the hole, (The image appears to flatten this out). The commentator reckons that anything within 6 feet would be a fantastic shot from here.

Tiger picks out the landing spot for the ball, with just the right distance of green for the ball to run and run and run right into the hole. Tumulious applause follows, with little wonder, that’s for sure. Two questions, does the Tiger Woods practice routine pay off and is this the best chip shot ever?

More golf chip shots information and some diagrams simplifying the chip shot can be found at these links.


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