Golf Etiquette 101 Gone Out The Window, Angry Man

Golf Etiquette 101 Gone Out The Window, Angry Man—eri mowmow (

Browsing through some golf articles online this morning, took me to an interesting write up, about what best could be described as a golf etiquette 101. Having just touched on the topic on my blog last week when talking about great golf training tips, and simple golf tips I suppose this is what made me take more interest on the topic.

Golf Etiquette 101  – Or What To Do and What Not To Do In Golf

Good reading here, possibly more for those among us who are new to golf, the kids, those of us with failing memories and maybe just the lot of us. Certainly an essential part of our golf training tips that benefits each and every one of us.

Everyone knows that finding a calm and collected golfer while they’re having the worst round of their life is almost impossible. Even the most balanced and well-rounded human beings can transform into an explosive putter-snapping maniac at the drop of a hat.
Notwithstanding extremes such as that though, navigating golf etiquette in general is somewhat of an art-form. Here are a few tips to help make a day on the golf course a pleasant(ish) experience for you and everyone around you.


Golfing Dos


• Always replace divots you have made in the fairway. Bunkers are to be raked after use also. Golf courses are beautiful places but only if the groundskeeper sees you playing his game too.
• Shout ‘FORE’ loudly if your ball is heading towards another player. Even non- English speaking players will understand this warning – that includes Americans.
• Wait until the player ahead of you is out of range in order to avoid the previous situation completely.
• Do make sure you keep up a good pace, as better golfers will catch up quite quickly. If they do get too close, let them pass.
• Drive your cart as carefully as you can. Avoid driving on the short grass as much as possible.
• Leave the putting green as soon as you have completed the hole – do not dawdle by discussing how well you’re swinging today.
• Do repair your ball marks on the green. It sounds laborious but it is worth it not to have some awful person call you back to do this simple job.

Read the rest of the article about golf etiquette 101 provided by Leaderboard Golf here


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