Soon after coming back in with a succession of poor golf scores we start to analyze where it all went wrong. Very often that analysis will show a weakness in our short game and maybe picking up some golf putting tips coupled with golf chipping tips might seem like a good idea.

First thing to be aware of is that, on average 50% of all your strokes being played in your game of golf, are shots played close to the green or played on the green. That being the case, it tells us that we should be practicing these shots at least 50% of the total amount of practice that we do. Even if we know that good golf putting can be achieved through practice, do do we it?

There are many types of putters available to us today and it can be confusing trying to choose one that suits our putting style. It’s more than likely you will have more than one putter already but are any of them right for you.

As Lee Westwood just explained in the video, there are those with differing putting strokes. Some have an inside to out stroke, some have a parallel stroke and there are those who have a forward hand press before putting the ball.

Yes we all want to play better golf, but you need to ask yourself these couple of questions.

  • What is your practice routine?
  • What do you enjoy practicing?
  • What is the part of your game that needs to be practiced?
  • Do you practice your short game?

Sadly all too often the fourth question “Do you practice your short game?” is the one that gets neglected even though we know it would be wise to do so.

golf putting tips to practice

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Practice consists of grabbing a few clubs such as, the driver, 3 wood, maybe a rescue club and a 4 or 5 iron and heading out to the driving range. OK, many golf training tips advisers do recommend getting out on the range, but we all know there is much more to this game.

Smacking a ball down the driving range are far as you can is all good and well, but even more training time should also be spent on your putting.

Some Good Golf Putting Tips and Advice from Kirk Sherman

Below are some putting tips from Kirk Sherman that are well worth the read.

To be a good putter you have to be relaxed. Let your arms hang loosely; get rid of tension; and swing the putter from the shoulders. Make your hands and arms work as a unit.

Always practice putts from 2-3 feet to 50-plus feet. This will help your overall putting.

Also, a good rule of thumb is to practice on the putting green before playing to get a read of the speed of the greens. Most superintendents try to have their practice putting green rolling at a very similar speed to the course greens.

Putt at home on the carpet, putt and practice on the putting green at your local golf course. Just practice; just putt.

One of the PGA tours best putters is Steve Stricker. He does not practice anything in particular when putting — no drills, no fancy training aids. He just goes out to the green every day and putts.

Practice may not make you a perfect putter, but it can enable you to make many more putts than you would have otherwise.

Read the whole article about golf putting tips through practice from the Grand Haven Tribune through the link.






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