Golf Training Aids Swing Trainer Ball

This golf training aids swing trainer looks set to revolutionize our ability to see better how we actually swing the clubs. The iTrainerMini which is the newer improved version of the iTrainer, makes an ideal piece of portable training equipment.

Weighing in at only 15 grams, the iTrainer is attached to the shaft of any club you choose, to give you an analysis of the way your swinging the club.

Results such as tempo or the plane of your swing can be served up through Bluetooth in an instance.

Golf Training Aids Swing Trainer

The iConsoleII app, which can be downloaded from the Android market, displays video and digital capture of the golf swing in real time and features:

• Club Head Speed
• Tempo Ratio of back and downswing speeds
• Club Path and Face Angle at Impact graphics
• Swing Plane graphics
• Spin Rates
• Vertical and Horizontal launch angles
• Trajectory, Distance and Deviation estimation in numeric and graphic display
• Benchmark to compare current swing against your ideal swing.
• Statistics including, Average, Range and Trend data stored for improvement tracking

Working alongside the iTrainerMini™ and the original iTrainer™ is My Personal Golf Trainer which offers drills by internationally-respected coach, David Leadbetter, which can be viewed at

The iTrainerMini™, including the iConsoleII™, is priced at US$199 (UK£125/Euros150).

Insight also has future applications in the pipeline that will include the Swing Plane in 3D, Swing Plane and Tempo training drills and position of the Club Face Angle at specific points of the swing as well as Putting, Chipping and Pitching Drills whilst an iPhone and other smartphone applications for the iTrainerMini™ will follow shortly.

The iTrainerMini™ will be exhibited at the world’s leading interactive golf show, Golf LIVE at the London Golf Club from May 18 to 20 when the device can be tried and tested.

All data collected by the iTrainerMini™ is recorded and can easily be transferred to a computer for further analysis back home or in the training studio. Software updates and additional training and analysis modules for the iTrainerMini™ can be downloaded via the Internet.

You can expect to see the iTrainerMini pop up in many places, like the Pro shop, driving ranges and anywhere that folk are looking for ways to improve their golf swing. This article in the World Golf website gives some good golf training tips about this golf training aids swing trainer. This golf swing trainer, will no doubt be anxiously awaited by many golfers, who will be a bit rusty after a winter spell of inactivity.


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