Since golf is such an enjoyable participating sport, it’s comes as no surprise when most golfers are on the lookout for as many golf training tips as they can acquire. Below you’ll find a selection of tips that will help to make your game that bit more enjoyable.

Golf training tips, move the front foot closer to the ball to avoid slicing

Golf training tips, move the front foot closer to the ball to avoid slicing

TIP! What do you want from your game of golf? If a big part of it is getting more exercise, then walk, forget about the cart.

If your continuously slicing the ball off the tee, why not try altering your stance position, for example, moving the forward foot a little bit closer in towards the ball. This will have you standing, in what is termed as, a more closed stance. This will put less of a clockwise spin on the ball, resulting in a more straight down the middle of the fairway shot.

Blaming that old faithful golfing glove when you start feeling a loss of grip on the club, isn’t necessarily the cause of the problem. Especially if your clubs have been well used, it’s a good idea to check out the grips for wear. It might be, more the problem of the faithful old clubs rather than the faithful old golf glove that’s causing your problem. Have them replaced sooner rather than later and see the results.

TIP! It’s surprising how a bit of an edge can be added to a game, simply by having a little wager among yourselves for the winner. I you don’t like the idea of playing for cash, there are other ways, like buying the winner a drink or lunch.

How many times have you made a horrendous start with the first few holes and to then finish strong in the other holes and stated, if only I had started as well as I have finished, what a score I would have made. Yep we have all been there, Next time, arrive earlier in order to get a bit of practice in, warming up your swing and hitting a few balls, may be all that’s needed to produce your best score yet.

Your feet can take a bit of a pounding during a round of golf and become so uncomfortable as to take a lot of the pleasure from the game. The best golf tip for this situation, would be to purchase your golfing shoes one full size larger than your normal size, to allow for the foot expansion that takes place during the round. Concentration can be complete without the distraction of painful feet.

TIP! For those who are right-handed, attempt to swing the putter ensuring that the left hand is in front of the ball of impact.

A little tip to bear in mind regarding your stance, is to try and wiggle your toes while swinging the club. If you find yourself having problems trying to do the wiggle, then all chances you’re weight is on your toes and your leaning in towards the ball. The feeling you should be aiming for is, leaning backwards a bit until you can achieve an amount of play in the toes to enable you to wiggle them.

Golf Training Tips About Graphite Shafts Or Steel Shafts

TIP! Aim for a square on contact with the ball. Just another, must do, in order to set the ball of on a straight trajectory.

Many golfers today have moved on to using graphite shafted drivers. Some have moved over to having their full set with graphite shafts, barring the putter naturally. Technology has improved and as a result, many golfers have reduced their handicaps with these graphite shafts. Others have tried them and went back to their original, not totally convinced that they are for them.


There are pros and cons with steel or graphite shafts. Steel will be less expensive, more robust and durable than the graphite counterpart. Graphite shafts have more torque than steel and can feel strange to those so well used to the performance feeling of steel shafts, especially in the irons.

Graphite offer more distance, although steel can be more accurate, which makes it a trade of from distance versus accuracy. Every golfer is different, some will attempt to swing the club faster to obtain the same distance as a graphite shafted club. Thats’s fine if they are controlling the swing with this generated speed, but many find that they fluf a lot of shots when trying to up the swing speed.

At the end of the day, it’s down to personal choice and abilities. If your out for a round with a friend who owns a set of graphite shafted clubs, why not ask for a few hits during the round to see if you find any benefits with them.

Tips To Cut Your Golf Costs Down

golf advice save money by using practice balls

TIP! Save your most expensive golf balls for tournaments and such. As balls can so easily get lost, save a little by using the less treasured during general play or for practice..

As with anything else in the present economic climate, saving a bit of money whenever possible is the name of the game and golf is no exception.

One tip to save on your golfing expenses is to look for regional discount that are available prior to your next golfing date.

Performing an online search may just uncover the savings to your outing, that will go towards some new equipment or clothing that you need. Adding yourself to various email lists to receive information about offers as they become available would be wise.

Don’t waste money on purchasing either new or second hand golf clubs until such times you’re absolutely certain they are what will suit you. This purchase may also include things like custom fittings and the like. You might even like special grips or longer handles and have your height taken into consideration with your purchase.

Although all these things might well improve your swing, which we will give more golf training tips about this a little later on, the thing is these features will be more costly, so make sure that this is what you really want before spending this money.

Golf Swing Tips

Contrary to what many new to the game of golf believe, using your whole body in the golf swing rather than your arms will put more power into the shot. The fact is that, utilizing the arms only, accumulates in a weaker type of shot.

Keep leg movement to a minimum. In order to receive the greatest efficiency of the swing you require to have the correct balance. To much leg movements will reduce distances obtained with the loss of speed in contacting the ball.

The biggest percentage of golfers concentrate to much focus on getting the arm position right for the swing. They forget that it’s the proper use of the leg and the hip cumulative movement that give consistency to the golf swing.

While it’s true that the arms do not provide the biggest majority of the power in the golf swing, there is still benefits to be had with strengthening up your arms.

Building muscle will help give that extra power to the shot. Having big muscle bound arms is not whats required though, supple and flex is needed along with this strength.

TIP! For a drive swing, align the ball with your front foot. By contrast, when hitting from the fairway or the rough, the ball should be about midway between your two feet.

Stretching and massaging are a good tip to get your arms in the proper condition for the golf swing.

This will go a long way in keeping the arms in a loose and relaxed condition, which is so beneficial in playing golf.

Many people have turned to taking up yoga, due to the yoga exercises being ideal for keeping the torso as well as the arms in a good flexible state.

More golf instruction can be found and golfing training tips can be found using these links.

I hope these golf training tips that you now have to hand, will help you out with the next time your having a round. Building up your knowledge base will provide you with the essential requirements in playing better golf. Putting the knowledge that you’ve learned into your everyday play, will give you a playing style, that hopefully will have you winning more games asd giving more pleasure.


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