hitting irons fatThe game of golf is hard enough without mounting up your score with consistently playing bad shots. Hitting irons fat is just one such problem that can destroy a score card.

Following are a selection of golf training videos which will offer good tips to help avoid hitting the ball fat.

They are well worth watching as they will suit anyone from beginner to even the more experienced player if they were to be suffering this problem recently.

Hitting Behind the Golf Ball too Much

Hitting to far behind the golf ball and taking a large divot will certainly take the power out of the shot. Even worse, there will be no control where the ball will finish up, which is after all, what the game of golf is all about.

There are many factors that can cause this problem and I for one have been having more than my fair share of them recently. Talking to others and reading through some of my original old golf training books was OK, but I thought videos might prove to be a better aid.

Fat shots were not the only troubles I was experiencing out on the fairways and thought some video tips for hitting long irons wouldn’t go amis either.

That’s how the idea came about for adding these videos to the site. Now I can go through them and try to put the tips in my mind’s eye to use when visiting the course or practice area.

I would suggest you watch closely to see if you can recognize which mistakes you are guilty of making. Then take the advice given to the practice area to work on the problem.

Videos can be some of the best golf training aids available to us, so I have added 9 of them which can be found by scrolling further down this page.

Tips to Avoid Hitting Irons Fat

After watching the videos, you can read my short snippets of training tips to help prevent hitting fat shot. The snippets are short enough to remember and allow you to put them into practice.

Video 1

Video 1 – Asks if you are hitting behind the ball, might it be a good idea to try hitting the ball a bit further back at address. A good idea would be to experiment to find the spot where you find that you’re consistently hitting the ball first before taking a divot.

Place the ball in front of the lowest point in the arc swing you make while extending the right arm onto the ball, follow through taking a divot, until the arms become straight.

Video 2

Video 2 – Place a ball on the ground, stand back from it a little with the ball in line with the face of your 7 iron say. Practice hitting an area of the ground on the left side of where the ball is sitting four or five times before even attempting to hit the golf ball.

Continue doing this training exercise with short swings initially and increase the swing length only when you feel you have mastered the shorter swings.

Try to create the feeling in your mind that you’re trying to hit the ball low. If you are still hitting irons fat after increasing the swing length go back to the shorter swing again until you have corrected it.

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

I hope you have found enough tips that will finally help you stop hitting irons fat and provide more enjoyment to your game. More videos on other topics concerning hitting irons the correct way such as tips for hitting long irons will be added through time. Return again for more info..


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