Tips for Hitting Long Irons

Reaching the green in 2 shots on a par 4 hole might well depend on hitting a good iron shot after your drive. Hitting the ball up close to the pin as possible is what we are aiming for.

If you need some tips for hitting long irons and improve that second shot, take a look at the 8 training videos as they will help.

Tips like learning how to hit down on the ball for a clean hit and transferring the body weight properly in the swing are just 2 tips covered here.

hitting irons fat

If your problem is hitting irons fat then watch the videos which will show you some of the causes which create this problem.

Funny enough these remedies will be useful to those of us who also hit thin shots as the same fix applies to both.

Read out summing up points at the end which will serve as good training tips which to take to the practice area