Video showing golf putting practice aids as used by superb putting golf star, Azahara Munoz. We all know how important it is to have our putting skills honed to  precision. If not all of us, then certainly 99% of us will have on numerous occasions been let down by this most important aspect of the game.

This means practicing your putting is one of the major golf training routines we must all do which makes this putting video by Azahara Munoz well worth the watching.

The concept behind these putting practice aids is pretty straight forward and understandable. Right away, you will realize that it will be more difficult to hit the ball straight through the gap, the further back the ball is placed on the aid.

Azahara Munoz is well know for her putting ability, so I reckon any golf advice that she can give us about the putting side of our game is something we should take note of. The strength of her putting has been especially noticeable in the LPGA tour, probably due to her skill at starting the ball off in a correct straight trajectory.

Azahara explains how she lines the putting aid up in line with the practice hole after reading the line, a good golf training tip in itself. If using this type of training aid, probably the less experienced among us, would be better suited to place the ball closer to the two little balls at the front end of the aid. It looks like the space between them, is not much more than the width of the golf ball in the first place, so accuracy is required to ensure it goes cleanly through.

Of course, Azahara, being that much more skillful is able to strike the ball in a straight line through the gap from the rear of this training contraption. An interesting question would be, her rate of success from this area and what the rate of success of other less accomplished golfers would be.

Personally I like this golf training aid, simple yes, but It looks like you would learn much with this bit of gear. Ensuring a true direction of the ball leaving the putter face is so desirable and crucial to the end result.







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