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seaforth golf bag rain hoodBelieve it or not, but the Seaforth golf bag rain hood has been playing a major role in allowing golfers of all levels to continue playing a full round in rainy conditions. When I say all levels I’m referring to anyone from the low handicap player up to the top PGA players.

As golfers we’ve pretty much all experienced a change in weather conditions that turned a day with perfect conditions into something more suitable for the fish. Heavy rain will have us all smartly pulling on waterproofs and putting the umbrellas up.

Keeping ourselves reasonably dry is one thing, but much more important is of course attempting to keep the club grips dry and that’s where this golf bag rain hood comes in.

Important Golf Bag Rain Hood Features

A lot of thought and feedback from many tour players, as well as their caddies has gone into the Seaforth golf bag rain hood. It has both the important qualities of being lightweight as well as waterproof. Nobody likes to have their golf bag weighing any more than it has to and the fact that the hood rolls up into such a tiny pack is another plus factor.

The design is such that while being able to keep the rain out, access to the clubs is possible using just the one hand.

The same as when the rain comes on we get the waterproofs on as quickly as possible, so too is the speed of attaching these golf bag rain covers. It fits onto the bag with the use of Velcro and push in studs in no time at all.

You can fit the tallest of your clubs under the hood even with the head covers on. The very fact that this is possible means there is sufficient room to pull clubs in and out with ease.

Forget about trying to avoid rustling noises from other waterproof golf bag hoods when you’re playing partners are about to play their shot, as the Seaforth rain hood is made of a quite nylon material.

Fortunately these rain hoods can be attached to most of the golf bags out there, sorry to say at the time of writing, I don’t have a list of those that it won’t fit.

Tips to allow you to complete the Game in The Rain

As much as I love my golf and playing even in the rain, when I lose the ability of have a firm grip on the club, it soon sends me scuttling back to the clubhouse.

A couple of tips I can suggest that may help you to continue playing your game to an end out in the rain are:

1) Ensure good sound footing on wet grass to avoid slipping when playing a shot, especially with the power shots.

2) A great help when playing in the rain is to use the simulated suede glove.

3) It should really go without saying but in your bag should be a good set of waterproof pants, jacket, hat, and umbrella.

4) Extra gloves and towels would come in handy if the rain persists.

5) And of course your Seaforth golf bag rain hood, which may make all the difference in being able to complete that winning round.

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Seaforth Golf Bag Rain Hood Video

I have added this review video of the rain hood in order to give a better idea of what it looks like. The video is quite short but better than nothing.



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