Tips for Hitting Long Irons

Tips for Hitting Long Irons

Below I have added 8 videos which give excellent tips for hitting long irons. We all know the importance of hitting solid iron shots that can get the ball onto the green or at least close.

I think you will agree that the training tips provided in the videos make sense and are well worth putting into practice. They could go a long way to help avoid hitting irons fat and watch the ball scurry along the fairway for a mere 50 yards.

That bad iron shot whether it be from the tee or the fairway could be the difference of having a par or going 1 over for the hole.

First Video Tips

In the first video we watch golf instructor David Nesbitt as he gives us his 2 simple long iron tips. The first tip is about transferring the body weight forward fully in the downswing. And in his second tip he gives us a method to help practice hitting down on the ball.

What he wants us to feel when performing the backswing is to feel like we could lift our left foot up quite easily. If we can’t do that it means we have all the weight on that foot and could be the reason for playing badly.

I have gone out and tried this and yes I can get what he is talking about. For a period I was concentrating on flexing my front foot in the backswing and was hitting some terrible irons. Both the long irons and even the short irons.

My problem was while I was concentrating on flexing the front knee I was also leaning on that foot which is the opposite of what David is advising here.

In his second tip he introduces us to a lie board which is normally used when getting fitted up with a new set of clubs. He places it 6 or 7 inches back from the ball and if it makes a noise with the club hitting it on the road to connecting with the ball then we must be hitting too far behind the ball.

I have also seen this performed by simply placing a towel on the ground, so if you don’t have a lie board just use a towel. No noise will be heard but you will feel and see that you have hit the towel first.

Both of the above are common problems found in poor ball striking and should help anyone in need of some tips for hitting long irons.

I have gone through many videos giving tips about how to hit solid iron shots and have chosen these 8 videos as the best that I believe give a balance of useful information.

Video Tips for Hitting Long Irons

Watch the following videos for some very good tips to help improve your game. Some training tips here can be carried out without even visiting the golf course.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

I’m sure you must have found at least one new idea to take out to the practice range among those video tips. Like myself, you won’t find them as the instant answer but with practice they might well be.

But the good players that we know and this definately includes the profesionals in golf will all set a certain amount of time aside to practisc using these clubs.

More video tips for hitting long irons as well as other clubs will be added to the site, keep a look out!


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