The Golf Swing Takeaway

The golf swing takeaway is one of the first lessons in the golf swing that is worth taking the time to practice, in order to build a smooth and relaxed swing. As you will know from reading these golf training tips, the golf swing is made up of many components that need to be performed correctly in order to get the required results.

After learning to grip the clubs properly and learning the correct set up stance to the ball, the takeaway follows as the next piece of golf advice for building a good golf swing. The above video gives us a great little tip that is so easy to practice as well as highlight for us, what we could be doing wrong. Once this stage has been mastered, it would then be time enough to concentrate on your golf downswing drills.

Using no more than another ball as his golf training aid in this little tip, is simplicity itself.

Place another ball behind the ball we are about to play and placing the club in between them, proceed to play your normal golf swing. I have personally added this one among my golf tips to perform and was surprised to see just how much it tells you.

Scott advises us not to get to bogged down with the details about the pushed back ball going in the wrong direction, simply concentrate on a smooth on line takeaway. This golf training tip will go a long way in providing you with a nice, smooth, easy and relaxed golf swing.

The next time your out in the practice area, give this one a try and see what results you’re getting. If your slicing the ball for example, are you seeing the reason for the slice in the direction the pushed back ball is traveling in.

If you’re consistently pushing the ball back in a line which is very slightly inside of straight, then great, you will have mastered this part of the golf swing takeaway.

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