Image How to Hit Down And Through The Golf Ball

Good golf training in this video which shows us how to hit down and through the golf ball. As Clive the tutor here gives us his golf advice about how he inadvertently discovered that he was hitting good shots when extra care was required, such as playing through non removable obstacles.

Concentrating on staying down when playing a shot can be forgotten about, among all the other things filling the mind. So Clive has come up with what he calls the DNT “Down and Through” golf training aid.

Consisting of an extending arm reaching out over the ball, means that unless you keep the club down low enough to slip under the extended arm, contact with the DNT signifies you are coming up on the shot.

All good advice and thanks Clive, although I hope the DNT is not made of concrete and able to break the clubs and forearms! Or is that where the horrendous squealing noise in the video kicks in.

How to Hit Down and Through the Golf Ball

Watch the video below where Clive demonstrates the DNT device in situ and hitting the balls in the required manner.

No doubt you could rig up a piece of wood quite quickly to try out the advice given here by Clive on how to hit down and through the golf ball. Once learned, it will become second nature and one less piece of information you will need to concentrate on. Allowing you to concentrate more on other aspects of hitting that ball straight and true.

Probably the main benefit that Clive’s training aid provides is the fact it is adjustable and therefore you could just as easily practice with any other club that your having difficulty with.

This device could easily be set up in even a small garden and used when running through when practicing some golf chipping tips that need polished up.



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